All these amazing humans have stayed at the guest room, shared studio with us or held a show at our gallery. We are grateful to all of them.


Caroline Lavergne (CA) Illustrator

Caroline was our very first guest. She used to be Editor in Chief of the C2 Montréal creative conference. She made a beautiful project, visiting and drawing the ateliers and workshops of artisans in our area.

“This time to think and draw was exactly what I needed, and Luis and Yuka gave me the home I needed to make the best out of Tokyo. I have met some wonderful people and I am forever grateful for making me part of their adventure in Taito.“


Matthew Forsythe (CA) Children Book Author and Illustrator

Matt is an award-winning illustrator, designer and author. He used to be the Lead Designer for Adventure Time. while in Japan, he rented a desk at Almost Perfect to work on his latest picture book.

"Yuka and Luis and Señor gave me a family and a home away from home in Japan. It was also endlessly inspiring to work in their historic building - and the neighbourhood quickly became one of my favourites in Tokyo."

Laszlito Kovacs

Laszlito Kovacs (ES) Creative Director

Originally from Spain, Laszlito started as a designer running a design company for several years in Oviedo and then moved to Amsterdam where he became a famous illustrator, working for big brands and prestigious publications worldwide like Monocle, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and Adobe. He is currently the creative director of WeTransfer.

"A thousand things must go well before something becomes almost perfect.”


Hugo Tillman (UK) Photographer

Hugo stayed with us for a short period where he did research for a new project. A very interesting research exploring incense’s qualities to carry information.

He makes films, shoots for magazines, is a great listener and interesting conversation partner.

“Yuka and Luis could not have been more welcoming and helpful. If your studio practice is desk based or if your work is predominately done outside the studio, it is a very unique and special place to connect with Tokyo and Japan. It really is rather perfect you know.”

Charles Berberian

Charles Berberian (FR) Comic Author

World famous comic author, musician and all-around wonderful person Charles Berberian came from Paris and although he didn’t stay with us, his exhibition was the first we held on our gallery walls. On the opening party he played some music for us in his guitar, which made it all magical.

“Almost Perfect is a wonderful harbor, a cosy shelter, a very comfortable workplace, and its gallery is the core of this beautiful old Tokyo house that survived war and earthquakes. That’s where artists from all around the neighborhood, and the planet, gather and meet to make things almost perfect, with a great help from Yuka and Luis.”


Ailsa Johnson (UK) Illustrator

Ailsa rented a desk for 6 months while working on her vibrant illustrations. She also held a show of small sculptures and prints.

“Almost Perfect is a home from home, with a kettle, a cat and of course good company. It’s pretty magic to be able to work in such a homely, beautiful and creative space in the heart of Tokyo. Yuka and Luis are doing something special.”


Richard Byers (AUS) Artist and Designer

Light artist, designer, drawer, programmer & photographer Richard also works as Head of Concept for a product design consultancy. In his stay and show he made amazing drawings of numerous buildings from his favoirite Taito/Sumida area on an “orihon(Folding book)”.

Luca Campri

Luca Campri (IT) Photographer

Luca is an Italian photographer based in London. He has a fresh style in fashion and portraits, all marked out by a spontaneous approach. Luca has contributed to big publications like The Wall Street Journal or Vogue, and brands like Burberry, Max Mara or Jil Sander.

"I wished I was Señor."

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 23.13.31.png
"I wished I was Señor."

Iris Humm (IT) Photographer

Iris was born in Milan, Italy, in 1988 from a Swiss father and a French mother with Asian origins. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, and still trying to find out where she’s from. She photographs and makes incredibly sensitive films for clients around the world.

“I most definitely have fallen in love with Almost Perfect (I'm not even exaggerating)”

Chloe Smith.jpg

Chloe Smith (AUS) Artist

Chloe is an Australian artist obsessed with food and equally attracted and horrified by plastic and packaging. She makes incredibly haggable food with hand-sawn felt. Her work is highly likable and creates questions about our use of plastic and our relation with food.

“Luis and Yuka and Señor became my Japan family. It was amazing staying (I could talk forever about those towels!) and showing and making work in their beautiful home. They took time to introduce me to so many people and yet even as an introvert, I never felt overwhelmed. Their home and neighbourhood became an oasis in the concrete jungle of Tokyo.”

Vasco Mourao.jpg

Vasco Mourão (PT) Illustrator, Artist

Vasco works on the perception, texture and memory of the urban landscape. Only using simple tools, his practice focus on the representation of cities through drawings on paper, wood and metal.
Drawings of cityscapes and other architectural structures at large, rearranged on the canvas. Somewhere fine art and illustration, Mourão creates artworks and large scale murals for various private clients, galleries and institutions, working also on selected editorial commissions.
Originally from Portugal, he is now based in Barcelona, Spain.

“I’m so happy that I got to show my work here.
Luis & Yuka built the (almost) perfect house and opened it to everyone. It’s truly a special place in a very special city.”


Jocelyn Tsaih (USA) Artist, Illustrator

Taiwan-born, Shanghai-raised visual artist currently based out of Oakland, California. Jocelyn’s work is a reflection on human nature and the intangible aspects of life.
She works in different media; painting, mural-making, printmaking, animation, and ceramics.

“My time at Almost Perfect was incredibly special. It was an intimate, welcoming space that helped me gain clarity and create the work I wanted to make. Yuka and Luis were the best hosts and I am so grateful that they welcomed me into their world at Almost Perfect!”

Ryan Gasparini.jpg

Ryan Gasparini (AUS) Videographer

Ryan is amazing. We offered a 2 week stay at our residence in exchange for a video about Almost Perfect and 28 people replied. Choosing Ryan didn’t disappoint us; it was a pleasure to have him as a guest and he made an amazing video for us. He delivered beyond expectations and we are very grateful to him. If you ever need a video person, he’s the guy.

“Staying at Almost Perfect was easily the highlight of my time in Japan. I'd never been before, so it was the perfect place to go as Luis and Yuka are so welcoming and engrossed in the Tokyo community that it was as if I'd lived there for years - even though my stay was just two weeks! It feels like a home (because it is), and it's also an amazing place to work, no matter what your creative field is.”


Marta (Musician) and Carla (Sculptor) Cascales Alimbau (SP)

Marta Cascales is a professional pianist and composer from Barcelona, focused on creating a repertoire with the piano as a main instrument and with a strong interest in composing music for Dance, Film and Art Installations.
Her sister Carla is an independent artist and designer living and working in Barcelona. Her work is based on finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all.

Almost Perfect is like feeling the ancient Japan, living in a local neighborhood, but with the most contemporary, vibrant and colorful city just around the corner. We found a home away from home and we had the feeling we could really experience Japan in an authentic way. Yuka and Luis are the best.

Marcin Zeglinski.JPG

Marcin Zeglinski (USA) Illustrator, animator

Marcin Poduski is a Chicago-based creative with many talents: he does design, Illustration and also animation. His work is usually funny and full of wit. We loved to see him work meticulously and see how Señor fell in love with him.

“More than just an amazing space, Luis, Yuka, and Señor are growing a budding community. I feel grateful to have been there and be a part of it”

Other artists who have stayed or exhibited at Almost Perfect are:

Astrid Shemilt (DE) Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
Kati Immonen (FIN) Visual Artist.
Luke Crouch (AUS) Painter.
Pedro Perles (SP) Illustrator and Musician
Danielle Catalli-Piripiriatelier (IT) Drawer
Lauren Moya Ford (USA) Artist, Writer and Translator
María Elena Pombo — Fragmentario (VEN) Dying artist
Rachel Bungey (UK) Graphic Designer